Sunday, March 20, 2011

The San Diego Latino Film Festival

The last ten days we've been seeing movies at the San Diego Latino Film Festival...Check out their site here or find them on Facebook. What an exciting couple of weeks it has been...Saw a couple of great films and have two more to see today. Speaking of that, here is a Reader article about the "live soundtrack" performance that will be happening during one of the films today...
Seeing films is great homework when you are working on screenplays--it really brings home all the thing you know about how to, and how not to do it--and all the things you always tell yourself! For example--keep the story focused, keep extra characters and subplots to a minimum. Let your film's setting and its visuals tell a majority of the story without words.
We loved "Chicogrande" a new, epic western, shot in Durango, and based on a true story about one of Pancho Villa's supporters. What an incredible setting!
The Watchfire set sail this week, as well--we anchored in Coronado Island's Glorietta Bay and had a lovely time. I'll post some pictures on Facebook soon...or as soon as I can find the time. I'm off to the movies now...
hasta pronto!