Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Writer's Groups and Read and Critique Groups

Last weekend, during my workshop at SD Writers, Ink, someone asked how to find a writer's group...
Well, it's hard--or very easy. A couple of friends and I were wondering the same thing a few years ago, so we started our own group. It has had as many as 7 and as few as four members, and we've been meeting monthly (or so) for the last six years!
I was also asked what a writer's group is and does...
Every group is different, but our meetings usually start with us socializing over a meal (usually we all just bring something, to make it easy for the hostess) so we can catch up on life. Then we read anything anyone has brought to share. After we all critique those pieces, we do timed writings until we're too tired to write anything interesting...We have even done writings by the whole groups, just as exercises, by passing a round a story and adding to it.
We six (or so) have become good friends, but more importantly, we are a good audience for each other's work. Right now, all of us are working on projects--books or screenplays, and we keep each other encouraged and inspired with frequent emails during the month between meetings.
There are "official" Read and Critique groups all over--check your local bookstore, library, or writer's collective for one near you. Visit and see what you think...If you feel more inspired to write, then keep coming back.
hasta pronto!