Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

I am updating and re-posting this piece from a couple of years ago, since a new friend just mentioned how "fun" it must be to work for myself. The reason I'm re-posting this is I'm too busy to think, much less write, much less write a blog post--lots of manuscripts stacked up on my desk and I'm happy happy happy to be so busy--hasta!

When I tell people that I'm a freelance editor, people always say "How cool--that must be fun!" and of course, it is--but there are good and not-so-good points about working for yourself...
Most all authors are freelancers, even if they have a "day job" because they are not usually getting paid to write (not as they write, that is--hopefully, they do get paid, but usually months or even years later).
Here are just a few of the Pros and Cons of Freelancing:
Pro: You make your own schedule (plenty of time to read).
Con: You can easily feel guilty if you are not working (never enough time to read for FUN).
Pro: You're your own boss (no one to tell you what to do).
Con: You have to motivate yourself--and on some (sunny) days that is really difficult to do.
Pro: You set your own rates and can ask for what you feel your skills are truly worth.
Con: You don't get a weekly paycheck. (Sometimes more than a few weeks go by!)
Pro: You can work from home (in your pajamas, even; I don't because I feel better when I am "dressed for work")
Con: Your home is your office and your job never really stops.
Pro: Your job is your life and it's fun!
Feel free to add to the list--I'd love to hear from you.
hasta pronto!


  1. If your income is not steady, such as in real estate sales, you need a spouse with a steady income. That's true of fulltime free-lance editing and writing, too.

    James Ashley Shea

  2. Freelance writing sounds more glam than it actually is-esp now that print mags have evaporated and everyone with blogs wants content for free. That said, it's a terrific way to build your writing platform. Ah, the yin & yang of our writing life...:)

  3. In fact, working as a freelancer is not such a simple thing. My good friend works as a proficient writers and he spend a lot of time for writing an essay at different topics, but the good thing is that it helps him to earn not bad money.

  4. A lot of good news in this post.


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