Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Up and Autumn," Everyone!

What happened to August? I seem to have missed a month, somewhere. Family issues and losses abounded, none of them easy to handle. So, that's my excuse.
Luckily, September follows August and is one of my favorite months.
If I lived somewhere besides San Diego, I'd say the leaves were starting to turn, or the nights were getting cold, but as it is, I can at least sense the coming of autumn in the air. Time for us to get "up and autumn"! Of course, I'm so very thankful I'm not dealing with a flooded/destroyed home and I don't have a hurricane poised to strike me.
So... now it's time for one of my favorite weekends of the year—the Southern California Writers Conference. If you don't know about SCWC yet, click here. The schedule is up and the workshops and speakers are listed. So much to look forward to! Not just Pitch Witches at a new "rogue" time (9pm), but a Pitch Witch query class, my expository class, and an early morning read and critique on Sunday. I'm even teaching a new workshop on marketing literary fiction and memoir.

My "Pitch Witch" Partner, Marla Miller with Yours Truly

Aspiring writers ask me all the time why they should go to a writers conference and I always say you shouldn't go to just any conference, but there are some very good reasons to go to SCWC.
1. You'll learn a lot about writing & publishing, from professional writers, editors, and agents.
2. You'll get feedback on your work-in-progress or that manuscript you think is finished (is it?)
3. You'll make contacts in the world of publishing that will help you to succeed in this biz.
4. You'll make friends who will like, understand, and support you (I certainly have!)
5. You'll get out of your lonely writing room.
6. You'll have a blast!
I hope you can make it to Irvine this year—there's still time to register in advance, or you can simply show up on Friday...
hasta pronto!

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