Friday, October 4, 2019

Finding a Publishing "Team" Beats "Self" Publishing

No one should self-publish their book.

Now, before you get all excited, what I mean is, no one should self-publish their book alone, with just software to guide them. You need a team to publish professionally, and whether you do that by going through the process with a hybrid publisher (Acorn Publishing, She Writes Press, etc), or you do that by finding your own team, don't go it alone!

One way to find your own team is to join a community like ChapterBuzz. There, you'll find ways to share your work as you go, as well as a vetted list of people who can help you with all the steps required to publish a book you'll be proud of. (Full Disclosure: I'm listed in the new ChapterBuzz directory, and I offer members 10% off my services there, but have not yet worked with anyone from the site.)

However, as you can see, I was the most recent "cover girl" for Books & Buzz, the ChapterBuzz community's online "magazine," which was pretty cool. I think the editor of B&B did a great job with our interview article, since my literary career, and my life in general, is pretty darn hard to encapsulate. 

Enjoy the read and hasta pronto!


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