Sunday, July 26, 2020

Visual Metaphors and Working on the Details

Hola! We've settled down for a while at a mooring in lovely Morro Bay, so you get to see a couple of pretty pics this month. We'll be leaving soon, but for now, it is very nice to be in a calm bay (and it has been a perfect place to get a lot of work done!).

This month I was published in the Brevity Nonfiction blog, and here's where you can find that post —on description and details and expository in general—along with my previous blog post for them on "hooking" readers.

They say "God is in the details" and also that "The Devil is in the details" and naturally, both are true. I'm an atheist, but I still see the GOD (Good Orderly Direction) in the finely crafted details that make up most great art. And I think that the "Devil" in writing is in the details that are vague or non-existant.

This month I was treated to a visual metaphor for this, by visiting Bruce Munro's Field of Light at Sensorio, near Paso Robles.  Each individual light was small and insignificant—even once they began to glow at twilight—yet when the sun had set, and the entirety of the field was lit and the whole creation harmonized together, the result was breathtaking.

Writing is a lot like pick a word, type it, pick another, place it after the first. Go back and erase one. Add two or three more. After months or years, you have a whole field of lights working together (or not working together in which case you hire an editor of course, to help you achieve harmony). 

Speaking of harmony, I love working in a harmonious community, and as many of you know, I belong to two wonderful writing communities. One is my Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC) family—and I'll be posting more about upcoming virtual get-togethers with SCWC in a future post—and the other is San Diego Writers, Ink (SDWI). 

Right now, SDWI is doing their annual fundraiser, Blazing Laptops, and I am helping to raise money for this fine nonprofit and the good work they do in our community of writers—new, emerging and those giving back. Click here to donate. Thanks for your consideration.

Now...get out and enjoy the sunshine (or the gray or the rain) wearing your mask, of course. You'll come back to your computer renewed and refreshed.
hasta pronto!

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