Friday, February 4, 2022

Writers: What are You Giving Yourself for Valentine's Day? How about SCWC?

Yes, it's February 4 and that means only two weeks until the Southern California Writers Conference begins in San Diego (on Friday, Feb 18).  I always look forward to this conference with great expectations, and that is even more true this time, as I prepare to teach a new series of workshops on writing nonfiction.

This year, we are at a new-to-us hotel (the Marriott Mission Valley) which looks fabulous, and after all, this is San Diego, so it no doubt will be fabulous. I know I've said all this before, but bear with me as I remind you of a few reason to attend SCWC:

1. To find your “tribe.” The key reason that this conference changed my writing life—we all need people in our life that "get" us and our writing...You will have plenty of opportunities to find those folks who resonate with you, and vice-versa, at SCWC.

2. To meet industry professionals. Where else can you chat with agents and editors and successful authors in an informal setting like coffee or drinks? At too many conferences all the pros and workshop leaders hang out together and you never actually meet anyone except other first-timers.

3. To get eyes on your work. Your manuscript isn’t necessarily done just because you are tired of working on it. Whether you take pages to read and critique meetings or go to late night “rogues” (or early ones like mine at 7am Sunday) you'll learn what works—and what doesn't.

4. To learn more about craft and story in hands-on workshops like my three new classes, and to learn what's new in the industry. From workshops on publishing, marketing, & promotion for your published book, to great speakers who have a wealth of experience to share with you.

5. Because it's fun! We all need to get out and meet other writers and socialize once in a while. And who doesn't want to hang out with a talented, inspiring, upbeat group of creative souls? So, show yourself some love and take yourself to SCWC—your work is worth it and so are you!

Don’t wait to register; I hope to see you there—hasta pronto!


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