Monday, January 31, 2011

Seth Godin does it again!

Today's words of wisdom from Seth Godin--a smart man who is also a smart businessman!
"In and out--That's one of the most important decisions you'll make today.
How much time and effort should be spent on intake, on inbound messages, on absorbing data...and how much time and effort should be invested in output, in creating something new.
There used to be a significant limit on available intake. Once you read all the books in the college library on your topic, it was time to start writing.
Now that the availability of opinions, expertise and email is infinite, I think the last part of that sentence is the most important:
Time to start writing.
Or whatever it is you're not doing, merely planning on doing."
Sounds like a message from the universe, eh? Time to start writing! And check out Seth's blog here, for more words of wisdom about life and work.
I'm writing today--and getting ready for my workshops and seminars this month at the Southern California Writer's Conference, and at San Diego Writers, Ink.
And I just finished a wonderful book called Room, by Emma Donoghue, which I highly recommend--not only is it gripping writing, but it's thoughtful and moving story about human goodness and strength (and its opposite) in the modern world. And a great example of someone who created an unusual and true "voice" in a work of fiction.
hasta pronto!