Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Can Change the World--with Writing!

Okay, I'm jazzed about the written word--high on literary forms. Started the weekend with the first night of "The Tragedy of the Commons" at Cygnet Theater. The play was written by Stephen Metcalfe, an amazing playwright. If you are in San Diego--or anywhere in Southern California, for that matter, go see it! It's arguably the best play I've seen in a decade. Who is arguing? Me, I guess. Maybe I'm just trying to remember if I've seen anything this vital or current or real this century on this coast, period.
Can't remember it, if I have.
The really great thing about the play--aside from brilliant acting, fierce and dynamic direction, and a fine set--was that it not only felt real, and true, but it made you want to keep discussing its ideas, and start solving the problems, not just go out "humming the tune". Of course I am not comparing it to a musical, just the usual mindless "fun" television-posing-as-theater that seems to be our little/big town's constant fare.
Also finished Anna Karenina, and was struck by how often Tolstoy wrote about things that seem so very "now." Politics, labor, and war, but also so many kinds of pride and status-seeking and fashion-chasing in society as a whole.
So I guess what I'm saying is that great writing is as meaningful today as a hundred years ago. And today's writing...So, what are you writing today?
hasta pronto!