Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catching up with Conferences

Had a great time at the SCWC in Newport last weekend...Other bloggers have reported on the conference, so I'll be lazy and just link and let them report.
One, by Doug Bornemann, a first time SCWC attendee, is here.
The second post, by my friend, the witty and tireless columnist-writer Gayle Carline (long-time SCWC attendee) is here and actually deals with more than one conference she attended last week...You go Gayle!
The third, a short wrap up from the fearless leader himself, Michael Steven Gregory, can be found on the SCWC site.
I'm planning on resting up and writing this weekend but I'm planning for my next event--which will come the following weekend at the first annual SD Writers, Ink, Fall for Writing Conference. I'll be doing a panel and a workshop (Sunday afternoon the 14th from 10-12). The panels are only $5 each, or you can do all the events and classes for three days for only $75!
All of you San Diego writers--and visiting writers--can read more about it and register here
Hope to see you there--hasta pronto!