Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Schmoozin' and Improvin'

Another conference coming up for San Diegans! Check out the upcoming weekend conference from San Diego Writers, Ink at their new digs in Liberty Station. Fall for Writing is a 3-day event with up to 10 classes for only $100! Plus there are drop in events for those who can't make the other days. I'm teaching an editing class on Sunday night the 27th at 6pm until 7:45. My class is preceded by a novel-writing class by the amazing Drusilla Campbell, and will be followed by the final reading and closing ceremony.
If you haven't been to the new Ink Spot in the bountiful Liberty Station, then here's your opportunity... Come on down...Hope to see you there.
Meanwhile, I've just finished editing a book that I'm so excited about. The memoir has everything I know that publishers look for--epic settings, exciting adventure, and life-changing events--not to mention darn good writing...The author recently sent her manuscript to a prestigious literary agency, so my fingers are crossed. I won't jinx it by mentioning names, yet.
Another of my writer friends is the hard-working and witty Gayle Carline (readers may remember that I edited her last book, the wonderful From the Horses' Mouth: One Lucky Memoir). Recently Gayle wrote an excellent post about what a writer needs to do to make sure her manuscript is CLEAN and ready for an Editor and her Beta readers--not necessarily in that order. Her process is invaluable...Here's her post on editing. And no, editing is NOT for wimps.
hasta pronto!