Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Exactly Does an Editor Do?

Do you want to work with an editor, but are not sure about how to go about it? Are you wondering if it is too early to get an editor to look at your manuscript? Are you unsure what kind of editor to hire? Are you confused about the difference between a line editor and a content editor?

You'll find out the answers to these (and other) questions at my class at the San Diego Writers, Ink (SDWI) on Sunday, March 24th, from 1-5. More info is here.

For those with more time to invest in learning next Sunday, my talented editor friend Laurie Gibson has a class earlier that day at SDWI about the new world of publishing in "Publishing 1, 2, 3." More info on her class is here.

San Diego Writers, Ink, is a great group of local teachers, writers and lovers of words--they hold lots of classes and events. More info here.

Both classes are held at the Ink Spot in downtown San Diego....
Hope to see you there--spread the word...
hasta pronto!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advice to Aspiring Writers

I am occasionally asked for advice from writers about how to get published.
Depending upon my mood, my advice is anything from a long list of books to read and websites to peruse, to simple comments like "just write today, and worry about the rest of it later."
I have often wished that "someone out there" would take the trouble to write a comprehensive answer to the question, and now someone has.
Today's blog post from Hugh Howey, "My Advice to Aspiring Authors" is so excellent and so jam-packed with current publishing-world insight that I'm just gonna link to it here. I don't agree with EVERY point he makes, but the bulk of it is so "write on" that I'm not going to quibble.
Okay. My work is done.
hasta pronto!