Thursday, April 4, 2013

Such an Exciting Time to Be a Writer

Yes, it's true! This present time is the most exciting time ever to be a writer--not only are there oodles of places for writers to put their writing and have it read (well, yes, mostly for free, but still...) but there are also a zillion ways to get published, and many more places to have your books appear. Not to mention more than a few formats--e-books and "tree books" to name just two. (Thanks Matt!)
Every week or so I hear from another writer who is e-pubbing a book, self-pubbing a book, or starting to think about doing some version of the two.
It is true that all too often people rush their "shitty first drafts" into e-publication (see my premature e-publication post last year) and most of those books never go very far...Which is only right. Readers want quality writing, too, not just reading material.
But for those authors who invest enough time--and money--on quality packaging and publishing, the rewards can be enormous--whether those rewards are monetary, or not.
Just today I heard from my friend Marla Miller who just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to indie publish her novel--how novel! I'm a backer, and I hope you will join me--here is the link...let's all support writers in what ever small ways we can.
hasta pronto!