Author/Client Testimonials

A few comments my clients have volunteered about my work:

Wow, I’ve read the edited manuscript twice now and I love it. It reads and feels like my writing, but better. With the exception of about six changes, I can’t tell the difference between what I wrote and what you fixed. Now that I know I love everything you did, I’m going to go through the line edits one at a time and try to learn why it’s so much better.
— Oz Monroe, author of the award-winning debut novel Soil-Man

Finding the right editor is crucial to one’s success. Luckily, I found Jennifer Silva Redmond; she's been a wonderful editor and writing coach. Her editing approach is highly professional and multi-layered. First, her keen eye noticed the highlights of my manuscript and pinpointed the areas for improvement in plot, character, and style. Experienced at her craft, she asked all the right questions and guided my story in a clear, progressive direction, while making insightful suggestions that ultimately enhanced the narrator’s voice and overall story. In the final stages of the writing process, Jennifer cleaned up my manuscript with precise copy-editing and wise cuts—finding those unnecessary words or sentences that fell into my blind spots. Aside from all the editing nuts and bolts, Jennifer was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire writing process. If you are serious about improving your craft, growing as a writer, and publishing quality work, I highly recommend Jennifer’s editing services!
—Dominic Carrillo, author of the acclaimed YA novel The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones  

 Thank you, Jennifer, for your vision and skill in editing my book into a beautifully sculpted story. Your ability to intuit what the story needed was just amazing to me. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a sailor and my story is about sailing, and for that specific reason I feel even more blessed to have found you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
—Leslie Johansen Nack, Fourteen, A Daughter’s Memoir of Adventure, Sailing, and Survival

I knew, from attending Ms. Redmond's workshops, that she had a gift for discerning not just the meat of a storyline, but the bones of it as well. Still, I can't believe how strong my story was after her input. She helped me bring the theme into focus, which was exactly what I needed. I can't thank her enough, and will certainly be using her services again.
Gayle Carline, author of three mysteries and From the Horse's Mouth: One Lucky Memoir 

In my almost thirty-year career in freelance writing, I've worked with many editors. I love working with an editor who not only understands what I'm trying to accomplish but can improve the telling of my tales. In order to do that, the editor must understand—have a sense of—the writer's voice. It's that intangible that makes the difference in the final product any writer produces. Jennifer Silva Redmond became my editor years after Deadly Little Secrets was first crafted. Her excitement about my novel and her understanding of my characters—especially my protagonist's voice—made Deadly Little Secrets better. I will always be grateful. Marla Miller, Deadly Little Secrets 
 Jennifer did superb work, delivering everything—content/plot and line edits—as promised and on time. She was a delight to work with and by the time she was finished, she knew my characters as well as I did. —Kurt Kamm, The Lizard’s Tale 

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for your specific, supportive, and scintillating help with my manuscript. You encouraged me to keep at it, even in the face of rejections, while you made concrete observations and suggestions I was able to implement. I know your suggestions about how to start my manuscript, and even the title change, are factors that resulted in getting a contract to publish my first culinary mystery. I am most appreciative! —Sharon Arthur Moore, Mission Impastable (Oak Tree Press)

I so appreciate you bringing your keen editorial eye and expertise to my manuscript. Your comments helped me meet my goal of making my story, characters, and setting as authentic as possible.
—Helen Landalf, Flyaway

Jennifer has helped with the preparation, editing, and marketing of two of my books. It was delightful working with someone so professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and graced with such a great sense of humor.
—Graham Mackintosh, author of four books on Baja California.

Jennifer Redmond was an exhilarating editor to work with because she was always thinking beyond the options immediately at hand, imagining and then realizing new possibilities and contacts, extending herself far beyond the requirements of her position. I could take the competence for granted; what stimulated me was the reaching out, the imagination.
—Bruce Berger, Almost An Island, There was a River, End of the Sherry

It's hard finding someone who is an expert editor who tells you the truth about your writing and gives you thoughtful suggestions for improvement.  I have found that perfect editor in Jennifer Silva Redmond.
—Bette Blaydes Pegas, Chasing a Dream in the Galapagos 

As an editor, Jennifer understood my objectives and helped me to realize them.
—Harry Crosby, author of Gateway to Alta California, Portrait of Paloma

Jennifer and I have just finished completing my second novel.  No manuscript is complete until it has been edited, and no manuscript is more complete than when Jennifer edits it.  You think you've produced the best you possibly can, and then Jennifer shows you -- in stunning scope and detail -- that there was so much more best in you. 
But five-star editing is just one critical service she provides.  Wielding the experience of years of publishing (she was, after all, an acquisition editor herself), she provided invaluable advice as a publishing consultant -- vastly improving my website, and assisting in a search for an agent.
Put simply, for me, a quest to produce a published work without the aid of Jennifer is not misguided, it is suicide. —Blaine C. Readler 

You're more than an editor. You have been a thoughtful, attentive, and skilled midwife for the birth of my novel. I feel more confident bringing my creation into the world now that I've benefited from your insightful and generous guidance. —Orit Arfa, The Settler

Jennifer is truly amazing with her sharp focus for any and all problems, offering alternative suggestions or possible corrections for wrong turns or missed bets, and helping me to be a much better writer overall.
—"Padre Timo" Tunks, freelance writer and monthly columnist for the Marina Mariner.

Your work on my books has been so helpful -- detailed and insightful...
—Janise Rinaldi, author of three books

Jennifer, the editorial work you did on my manuscript was superb, as was the mentoring I received as part of the process. You truly went above and beyond...
—Brad Halverson, The Dragonologist