Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A Wild, Wet, and Windy Spring—and Some Writing News!

The big move happened and our boat is now in Washington State. There was much drama with the lead up to the trucking (so much to do!); the hauling and trucking itself (not enough to do!); and the boatyard and launching and refitting (so much to do!), but Watchfire is back in the water again. The other day, I celebrated Easter Sunday at the top of the mast, since it was the only sunny day (it has been raining A LOT) of the week.

There's still a long list of tasks to complete and both of us are busy with work every day, so the list has to be attacked in a desultory manner. But we have now begun to believe that we will actually be exploring the cays, bays and waterways of Puget Sound this summer!

        Me at the top of the mast, Russel mans the winch and the camera

Meanwhile, back in March, we had an essay published in the San Diego Union-Tribune, which was pretty cool. My friend Kara also published a piece in the very same opinion section on the very same day, both thanks to my amiga Laura Castaneda, and that is really good too, so check them both out.

Kara and I have been in the same writer's group for about ten years now and someone is always publishing something. The brilliant editor Laurie Gibson is working on a very cool rock-and-roll novel set in London, entrepreneur Carol Burt is working on her years-in-the-making memoir—just like me!—and graphic designer/writer Kara is working on some humorous short pieces while working on their new ranch-in-the-city and a child (she and hubby Mark are expecting in May). 

But the biggest news this week from our writer's group is that the other two members, Lisa Gulick and Maria Groschup-Black, have taken over the reins at Sunbelt Publications. If you don't know Sunbelt, then click on this link right now and see their books and a lot more. If you are interested in Nature, Baja, Deserts, Flora and fauna, Hiking, Biking, California (and Baja) History and Natural History, or Native American Culture and Heritage, among other subjects, then Sunbelt has something for you.

You may know that I worked at Sunbelt for over a decade and I still love their history, their books, their ability to help small publishers get out in the world, and their overall mission. I truly believe that the company has an important place in the world of California book publishing and distribution. I wish Lisa and Maria and the whole family at Sunbelt a hearty felicidades and wish them all the best of luck in this transition.

Stay tuned for more pics of the Pacific Northwest this summer.
hasta pronto!