Some of the Books Edited by Yours Truly

Just a Few of the Many Books Edited by Jennifer Silva Redmond:

When Your Heart Says Go: My Year of Traveling Beyond Loss and Loneliness by Judy Reeves

Fourteen: A Daughter's Memoir of Adventure, Sailing, and Survival by Leslie Johansen Nack

Flygirl, Angel Flight, and Flying Home, by R.D. Kardon

The Dining Car by Eric Peterson (Winner of three gold medals)
Sunshine Chief by Eric Peterson (Winner of two silver medals)

The Dragon Shadows Trilogy by Gayle Carline

Wheels Up: A Novel of Drugs, Cartels and Survival by Jeanine Kitchel

Soil-Man by Oz Monroe (Winner of three gold medals)

A More Deadly Union by Gayle Carline

Inherited Issues by Claudia Whitsitt

Murder on the Hoof by Gayle Carline

Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt

Deadly Little Secrets by Marla Miller

From the Horse's Mouth by Gayle Carline

The Settler by Orit Arfa

The Dragonologist by Brad Halverson

Sincerely Yours, Atomic Man by Lauren Holiday

Love in Leisure, Repent in Haste by Diane Shea

A Year in Ink, vol 3, 2010 (San Diego Writers, Ink)

The Deer Dancer by Gary Winters

The Cuyamacas by Leland Fetzer

Guacamole Dip by Daniel Reveles

Leave Only Pawprints by Donna Lawrence

Palm Springs-Style Gardening by Maureen Gilmer

Palm Springs Legends by Greg Niemann

In the Shadow of the Volcano by Mike Humfreville

Gateway to Alta California by Harry W Crosby

San Diego Legends by Jack S Innis

Tequila, Lemon, and Salt by Daniel Reveles

More Adventures with Kids in San Diego by Judy G Botello/Kt Paxton

Portrait of Paloma by Harry W. Crosby

Baja Legends by Greg Niemann

A Good Camp by Leland Fetzer

Sea of Cortez Review 2000/2001

Sea of Cortez Review 1999

Sea of Cortez Review 1998