Our sailboat "Watchfire 2"; current/past voyages

For those of a nautical bent, here's a little about our home sweet home..."Watchfire 2" is a 35 Coronado sloop, currently moored on the coast of California. We bought her 7 years ago, and have spent those years making her our "ideal custom home." (I say "we" though Capt'n Russel did a majority of the customizing and vessel renovations.)
Our first boat was a 26 foot Columbia, which we took from San Diego to Baja in November of 1989, sailed around the Sea of Cortez for a year, took down the coast of Mexico and into Central America, and through the Panama Canal, then sailed to Florida...We sailed back via the ICWW along the gorgeous Gulf Coast to Texas, and hauled her back to San Diego in May of 1992.
Our second voyage was in 1996, and consisted of a trip down the Baja peninsula in June, a couple years in paradise (Sea of Cortez) and over to San Carlos/Guaymas in 1999.
We trucked "Watchfire" back to California in 2003, where we parked it (on its trailer) on a dear friend's property in the San Diego backcountry, where we were living on it and fixing it up to sell. The Cedar fire got to it first, and it got a "Viking Funeral" on October 26, 2003.
We bought the new boat ("Watchfire 2") in August of 2004 (through an ad in the paper!) in Newport Beach, and sailed it down to San Diego, where we stayed for 6 years, mostly sailing only to the boatyard and back, where we painted the boat with Pro-line paint, of course..
Items we kept: The inboard engine, the hull, the mast (with some work), and the lovely blue-gray upholstery.
Things we bought and added: A Portland Pudgy Dinghy, a main and a roller-furling jib from North Sails, a 45 pound CQR, new rigging from POR, Kyocera solar panels from Northern Arizona Wind and Sun, Raymarine Autohelm, Spectra Watermaker, Orca Green Marine LED nav lights, and electronics...
What we completely re-did: Everything else. Seriously. Well, Russel did most of it, but I helped when/where I could. AND I kept "house", cooked, and worked for 5 years while the renovation happened around me.
Latest voyage: We cruised up the California coast in 2014, as far north as Monterey...Stayed a month there and another month in our favorite little town: Morro Bay--we took it slow both up and down, staying in Santa Barbara a week, and Santa Cruz Island and the other islands only briefly. I loved Santa Barbara, Cojo, and Ventura.
Recently, we've been renovating the boat once again—since 2016. More stuff we added: A brand new Beta Marine 30hp diesel engine, new propellor and shaft; all new rigging; and custom-built and installed wooden rubrails to replace the weak, terrible-looking (and sometimes leaky) Coronado/Coumbia rubber rubrails.
We really enjoy being moored on Coronado Island, just across the bay from downtown San Diego. Nice view, and the town of Coronado is charming and laid back—Once again, I'm living near many of my family members, which is really nice. My mom is in assisted living place here in downtown near Balboa Park, so it is nice to be close by. Also, I miss my nieces so much when I travel...The youngest of the three is a teenager already!
We are planning a 30th wedding anniversary trip up the coast to SF in 2019, and we can't wait. Meanwhile, it is nice to do small trips to Catalina every now and then, plus jaunt around the bay on a whim when we get the urge to. We belong to a yacht club now, so we have a fun place to visit without even leaving the bay!