Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Attend the Writers' Summit?

I've written a few blog posts over the years, regarding writers conferences, and why they are important. The Sunriver Writers' Summit is something quite different, and there are compelling reasons to attend this 2-day intensive event, besides the fact that I'll be teaching there with the always-inspiring Judy Reeves and Laura Taylor.

First, the elements that make up a typical conference can make it exhausting or overwhelming—the plethora of workshops to attend, the many things to do and people to meet. At the Writers' Summit, you'll be in one of three intensive tracks (check them out here) for both days. You'll concentrate on that subject—for instance, writing, polishing, and producing a great memoir, in my track—and focus on that exclusively. Obviously, there's a lot to cover within that subject, so I won't let you get bored!

The second reason is that we all get stuck sometimes—whether we're just starting a project and need a push to get us going in the right direction, or have written a manuscript and know we need help figuring out what part of it is a book, or have a book and no idea of how to "get it out there." I hear all the time from writers how they spent years stuck in a creative rut, until the right class, with the right person, at the right time, propelled them to a whole new level.

Another reason is that all of us track leaders have been there, not just writing and editing, but selling and promoting projects and published books. We'll not only share with you the benefit of years of experience, but answer specific questions about your project. (There will also be an appearance by a special guest speaker, in addition to the entertaining and informative Michael Steven Gregory.)

Finally, the Summit will be held in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon—in Central Oregon, very close to Redmond Airport—at the spectacular Sunriver Resort Lodge. Early May is the perfect time to visit this part of the Pacific Northwest, and the Lodge is a perfect setting for creativity.

So, why not take the opportunity for a life-and-work-changing weekend in a gorgeous natural setting?
Dates for the upcoming Summit are May 2-3, 2015. Don't wait—Register now.

hasta pronto—see you soon!