Friday, February 26, 2016

Seven Ways Sailing is like Writing

I've been sailing, and living aboard a sailboat, for most of the last 27 years. I'm also a writer, and have worked at some combination of writing, editing, publishing, and teaching writing for the last 18 years. So, I know a little bit about both pursuits. And I think that...

Sailing is like writing because:

You need a destination, but often the best part of the voyage happens when you get off course—assuming you don't end up on the rocks. 

Getting there is not just half the fun, it's all the fun; sailing is about enjoying the moment, here and now, not rushing toward some arbitrary goal (if you were in a rush, you'd have a power boat).

It's something people all over the world have been doing for thousands of years, in order to explore, learn, and reach out—and it's still fun!

Most people think it's easy, even if they've never done it (Wish I had a dollar for every time someone said, "Gosh, that must be such a fun life, traveling and living on a boat").

Those who don't sail don't "get" it—and that's okay. It's impossible to explain what's so darn great about it, if you don't experience it yourself, in just the right way.

It's enviable, but somehow people still think they could easily do it, too, if they just had the time...

Lastly, sailing, like writing, uses your body and mind for an activity that often taxes them, but combines and unites them in ways that can sometimes be transcendent—allowing us to glimpse what is eternal and true.  

hasta pronto!