Monday, November 15, 2010

"Subversive" books for your children and those who act like them

Once again I am sending a cool link sent to me by my far-flung and always inquisitive family--This time it is the Nine Most Subversive Children's Books Ever Written and boy is this a great list! As the site says:
"Make no mistake: These classics are sure to get little ones thinking for themselves" and we don't want that, now, do we?
So, if you have a young someone on your list for the holidays, you can't go wrong sending one of these "subversive" books. SOme of my suggestions for YA fiction are also in previous posts, as are many of my recommendations for fiction for mature folks. I didn't want to say adult fiction, because that has another connotation altogether.
This is the season for many new titles from Sunbelt Books to be in final stages of production so I'm a bit short on blogging time--also working on some cool freelance editing projects--will be back soon with more tidbits on writing and life.
Hasta pronto!