Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jenny Redbug at Blazing Laptops June 10th

I'll be at the annual "Blazing Laptops" event on Sunday, June 10th. Blazing Laptops is a nine-hour writing marathon to benefit San Diego Writers, Ink. You can contribute as little as $5, and every penny goes to support their great writing programs.
San Diego Writers, Ink, or SDWI, is one of the great local resources (along with SCWC) that is helping to make San Diego into the world-class writing/reading city we know it can be; this kind of event helps to make everyone aware of how many great writers--published and not yet published--we have here in San Diego.
You can sign up yourself--the venue is Lestat's in Normal Heights--but you need to get at least $100 in pledges to attend. It is a benefit event, after all. The marathon starts at 9am (great coffee is handy for those who need it) and goes until 6pm. There will be writing tips and cues given throughout the day--I'll be doing one midday.
Or, if you have plans already that day, you can help support SDWI--and my own efforts at supporting them-- just click to pledge on my page.
Lately, I've not only been working on editing projects, but I've started working on a novel of my own--tentatively titled: "Dog Beach: A Love Story." So I can really use the day of just writing!
hasta pronto!


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