Saturday, October 25, 2014

Drusilla Campbell: A Great Writer Leaves a Legacy

You all know I am a fan of Drusilla Campbell, an author who made San Diego her home as well as the home of many of her characters. She also befriended the San Diego writing community in many ways, including serving as a board member of San Diego Writers, Ink, and as a workshop and "Novel Cram" leader at the Southern California Writer's Conference in San Diego.
Many of you might have read her blog in the last few months, and so know that Dru was fighting cancer. She blogged honestly about the fight, just as she had written about so many other fights in her brilliant novels. Her last, heart-breaking post is here.
Dru passed away yesterday, and leaves quite a void as a mother, wife, friend, teacher, and writer.  But she also leaves us quite a literary legacy—not only the knowledge she shared with the many writers whose lives she touched, but also the stories and characters she created on the pages of her acclaimed books.
I've written about her works here and at the SPH blog (this review is for her next-to-last book, When She Came Home). Her books were the kind I love working on and reading, and would love to someday write. She was the sort of author and teacher I hope to become—the sort that can change the world (see my July post for more on that).
Today I want to say thank you to Drusilla Campbell. Thank you for your friendship, and for the life-affirming legacy you leave us. Thank you for taking on subjects many would shy away from; for facing that blank page so many, many times; for writing bravely, honestly, and with love; and for doing the hard work that is required to change lives.


  1. A beautiful tribute, Jennifer. <3

  2. What a heartfelt tribute to a good friend. I imagine Dru smiling at you, Jennifer.

  3. Thank you for posting this wonderful tribute, Jennifer. A beautiful woman and beautiful writer.

  4. Jennifer, I am so sorry about your friend. I was glad to learn about her blog (yes, heart-breaking) and her work. This reminds me, how our words can live beyond us, so they must come with beauty and wisdom, and meanwhile, to enjoy each moment while we are here.


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