Thursday, February 21, 2019

Another Great Conference Weekend is in the Books (Pun Intended)

So, I've been a bit lax about blogging lately, but I have some pretty good excuses. Not in order of importance, but I am: working hard editing great books, including a natural history about our local desert to be published by Sunbelt Publications, which is very exciting; working on getting our house in North Park ready to rent (though Russel is doing most of the work); doing some minor "landscaping" on the property; spending as much time as I can with my mom at her assisted living place, before her memory fades completely and she doesn't know who I am; and helping out with projects on our boat Watchfire—mostly expanding our storage/work spaces (and yes, Russel is doing most of the work!).
Of course, I also have to find time for family, friends, fun, and some writing of my own. My wonderful writers group has been going strong for well over ten years and it is still keeping me focused and sane as years go by and I seem to get no closer to finishing my Baja memoir project. However, I was informed that my first chapter will be included in the upcoming A Year in Ink, volume 12 anthology, published by San Diego Writers, Ink, and edited by the always-exceptional Judy Reeves. Whoopeee! (I was also published in vol 11 of the anthology.)

To make me feel even better about my glacial writing speed, I heard Julie Moss speak at SCWC over President's Day weekend, and found out that her memoir took her over 35 years to write. So I have a couple more years to go before I have to start worrying...Her new book, Crawl of Fameabout her life as an Ironman Triathlete from 1982 to the present—co-written with my friend Robert Yehling—sounds like a true "winner" and is now at the top of a big stack of (mostly virtual) books on my bedside table.
Speaking of SCWCSD33, the conference was fabulous as always. I met new friends, hob-nobbed with old friends and met a few new clients to boot. I am particularly excited about working with David Reed, who is not only a talented writer, but a super-nice guy with a meaningful, layered story to tell. I've been watching with interest as he developed and honed his craft over the last couple of years; in fact, he won the "Most Improved" award at the conference!
Of course, I missed my Pitch Witch partner Marla Miller, who was healing at home from an accident, but the Pitch Witches show must go on. Heard some great pitches and queries and also some excellent writing at the Read & Critiques, especially from our 7 am "Early Bard" group.
More about the recent conference can be found in this wrap up, with the full list of awards, right here. Maybe I'll see you in SCWC Irvine in September.
hasta pronto!


  1. Always my pleasure to hang out with you at conference or any damn where. And yes, delighted to include your beautiful chapter from your memoir in Vol. 12 of A Year in Ink.


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