Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book query contest

Last weekend's SCWC conference was great--I met some talented people and made lots of good connections with others in the publishing world.
Today's post is just to help promote a query letter contest I've been invited to judge. The winner will get one of ten free three-day writing retreat/seminar (called "Write Your Book in a Week") with Tom Bird.
Here is the link to the webpage with info on the contest and the email to send your query letter to. Even for those writers who aren't able or interested in doing the retreat, it would be good to see if your query letter makes the cut.
For those who want answers about writing query letters, visit my friend Marla Miller's site here for info and a free book query critique.
The deadline is almost upon us, it's February 29th. So, no excuses, submit your query letter today.
hasta pronto!


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