Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love of Writers!

This week I'm reading my advance submission pieces for the Southern California Writer's Conference this weekend--lots of good stuff in the stack....which leads me to believe we will have another good group of writers attending this time.
I love meeting new and new-to-me writers and hearing about their projects--helping writers get together with editors, agents, or even other writers that can help them--and who they can network with...This biz is all about networking. That's a big reason that I like to do a workshop or two at SCWC each season (the SCWC meets twice a year at least, in SD and LA).
Speaking of the SCWC, here is Director Wes Albers speaking on Why Conference Matter, which was posted on my "pitch witch" partner (we work magic on your pitches) Marla Millers wonderful website, Marketing the Muse.
Do yourself a favor and check them both out. And I hope to see you at the SCWC!
hasta pronto...have a wonderful Valentine's Day...


  1. Jennifer,
    This post truly captures the essence of why writers will always seek out a 'real time' conference. I don't care how sophisticated web communication becomes-- to quote a favorite song: Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby. :)
    Thanks for the MarketingtheMuse mention.

    Your 'pitch witch' in workshop,


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